Sacral Chakra


This Chakra influences artistic and mental creativity, and sexual vitality. Healthy romantic relationships and a positive outlook of one’s surroundings are indicative of this Chakra being open. An imbalance can be indicated by neediness, sexual dysfunction, unfaithfulness or a creative block.



Ingredients:  Juniper Berry, Sweet Orange & Ylang Ylang essential oils

Benefits of Essential Oils:  CAN Help Increase Creative Flow, Reduce Inflammation, Be Uplifting, Help in Skin Rejuvenation, Reduce Stress

Identity:  Emotional

Location: Below naval

Element: Fire

Adrenal Gland Correlation:  Ovaries & Testes

Color: Orange

Crystals: Amber, carnelian, hematite, orange calcite, tiger’s eye


Balance: Enjoy surroundings; create healthy intimate relationships, fluidity, connection with physical body and sexuality, overall sense of wellness and abundance

Deficient: Unhealthy relationships with others, disregard for body, addictions, fear of pleasure, impotence, emotional numbness

Excessive:  Overly emotional, poor boundaries, sex addiction, obsessive attachments

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