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Trauma Informed Care
Kennett Square Massage is a Trauma Informed Office
*We are in no way a substitute for medical, emergency, or psychiatric care*

What is Trauma Informed Care?

Empowering survivors to exercise control over their lives and decisions.

All staff being kind and thoughtful in all language and actions.

Genuine, Sincere and compassionate services for survivors.
A confidential intake is available when you schedule your session.

Most common traumas:

Child abuse/neglect

Car crashes

Job loss


Sexual assault, rape, sex trafficking

Physical assault, witnessing murder, or torture

Medical treatments

Intimate partner violence (mental or physical)

Witnessing Suicide

Life-Threatening medical conditions


Parental abandonment

Sudden loss


What is Trauma?

Something unpredictable and out of your control.

An encounter resulting in severe bodily or psychological stress.

Incident that causes a physical, emotional, spiritual or psychological harm.


Importance of Trauma Informed Care:


Allowing survivors to feel comfortable and cared for appropriately.

Helps to avoid re-traumatizing survivors by avoiding triggers.

Creating a sense of safety, security and comfort in the environment for survivors.

Having resources available for those in need.

Ensuring all staff members are collaborating to ensure a safe and secure environment for survivors.

Empowering clients by giving them a voice and choice in their session time.


“Without mental health, there can be no true physical health”
  Dr. Brock Chisholm

What are we doing?

Each staff member has taken one or more classes on Trauma Informed Care.
We utilize a Trauma Aware Intake form for each client.

We communicate client needs to staff members so your visit needs are consistent.

Clear communication and plans are utilized for a seamless client session.

Music changes, scent avoidance and other accommodations, within our means, will take place to ensure a safe, secure and companionate environment.

These are just a few services we have knowledge about and/or experience with.  There are many other facilities and resources available.
Please seek medical attention immediately if you or someone you know is experiencing a manic moment or fear of self harm.

Thank you to Aly for bringing this idea to our office.

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