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Covid Safeguards

The main things taking place to keep you safe!

  •  Increased HVAC filtration system

  • HEPA / UVC air purifiers in treatment rooms

  • All surfaces cleaned before and after each client using REJUVENATE solution

  • All non-touch hand sanitizer and soap dispensers

  • Extra time between clients to ensure proper cleaning and ventilation

  • Masks worn by therapist and client throughout entire session

  • Tables are fitted with a sanitizable vinyl cover on top of the padding and heating pad.

  • Clients will wait in car until directed to come inside

  • Temperatures are taken at the door and Covid questionnaire is required. 



Stacy Gibson of Kennett Square Massage has created a magical environment where stresses just melt away. I never have difficultly with scheduling and she is always prompt. The new office on state street is warm and inviting. I could spend all day in the massage room! 

Amazing doesn't even begin to describe the treatment Stacy gives. She is professional, yet I often feel like I am talking to a good friend when I am there.  I have NEVER left feeling like I didn't get a wonderful massage. My favorite is the hot stone - even on a warm day the added heat from the stones only increases my relaxation and satisfaction. 

This past winter I was on a ski trip  at a "big name, out west, 5 star ski resort" and some friends and I spent one afternoon in the spa after a long week of skiing. I left so disappointed because the hot stone massage I spent lots money on (at least double of what Stacy charges) was not nearly the quality that I was accustomed to receiving from Stacy. When I returned home I immediately scheduled with Stacy for a "make up" massage because my other experience had been so bad! 

I would highly recommend Stacy to anyone looking for an affordable, quality, relaxing massage. I always look forward to my appointments and leave each one feeling rejuvenated, relaxed and centered. 

I have seen Stacy many times but here is how my very first visit with her went. I arrived to  my first appointment about 10 minutes early to fill out some paper work. Stacy was at the desk when I arrived and immediately reviewed the forms to fill out. After I was finished she discussed some of my personal likes and areas I wanted to receive extra attention. Stacy then showed me where the bathroom was if I needed to use it and oriented me to the massage room. I was to undress and get under the covers and she would return in a few minutes. The massage room is so relaxing. It has dim lighting and essential oil smells warm the air. Soothing music also softly echoed throughout the room. The linens Stacy uses on her table smell so refreshing I actually asked her what type of detergent she uses! Also, the massage table has a warming pad under the linens that makes it feel like you are wrapped in a cocoon. After a few minutes Stacy knocked and I told her I was ready. Stacy started on my upper back and shoulders. She was so professional and the draping never left me feeling exposed at any time. Stacy did upper and lower back, neck, arms and hands before moving to my legs. After massaging the back of my legs she had me turn over and offered me a warm mask that I could add essential oil smells to - I chose a personal favorite - lavender. Stacy returned to working on my neck and upper shoulders. She also asked if I wanted my face and head done - (say yes - this is fabulous!) She then worked on the front of  my thighs and legs, one at a time. Again, her draping left me feeling very comfortable and covered the entire time. She finished with my feet. Stacy then told me to take my time and rest for a few minutes before slowly getting up and redressing. She had me meet her at the front desk where a glass of water was waiting for me. She encouraged me to hydrate well and to treat myself nicely for the remainder of the day.  I always leave from my massages with Stacy feeling relaxed, centered, and rejuvenated. It is such a wonderful experience and I look forward to every appointment I make! 

On a side note, I am a larger person and was very worried about body image issues and feeling insecure being almost naked in front of someone else. Stacy never once made me feel uncomfortable and I actually left feeling better about myself!  ~Katie M~

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