Gift Certificate Policies:


Kennett Square Massage Gift Certificates are valid only towards Massage Services.


The policies listed below are for both online and in office gift certificate purchases.



Gift certificates are non-refundable.  


Present Certificate to Redeem:


You must present your gift certificate prior to your service to redeem the certificate.  We cannot redeem a certificate that is not present.


Discounts, Special Offers, Gift Certificates: 


Gift Certificates, discount vouchers and special offers may not be combined to pay for your session.  If your service exceeds the amount of the gift certificate you are responsible for the remaining balance.   Gift certificates are non-refundable.  


Lost or stolen Gift Certificates:

Treat your gift certificate like cash.


We are not responsible for lost or stolen certificates. 


We cannot reissue or refund any certificate because it is lost or stolen.  You must have the gift certificate present in order to redeem the certificate.


Expiration of Certificates:


REGULAR PRICE CERTIFICATES expire 2-years after purchase date.  After 2-years if the certificate is not used in whole or in part, there will be a $10 inactive fee will be applied monthly.  The balance, after inactive fee if applicable, may be used towards your service.

MONETARY SPECIAL PRICE CERTIFICATES have an expiration date of one, three or six months.  If the certificate has expired (within one, three or six months) the face value is no longer valid.  After expiration the paid value is available up to 2-years from the original purchase date.  After 2-years, the $10 per month inactive fee will be deducted from the paid value.


Special Deal Certificates purchased for a specific service must be used for that service.  These certificates carry the same policy as Monetary Special Price Certificates.


Sorry no certificate deals at this time.  

Instant Certificates:

The convenience of shopping right from your device!
No long lines, no crowds, instant certificate delivered to your inbox or that of the recipient!

Physical Certificates:

If you would like a physical gift certificate and/or want to add some of our retail products to your bag,

please visit our retail page.


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