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First Visit

Even though massage should be a relaxing experience, first time clients sometimes feel anxious.  This is normal and hopefully after reading this information you will feel comfortable with your decision to receive a massage at Kennett Square Massage. 
Give yourself enough time to arrive 5-10 minutes prior to your start time to fill out any necessary paperwork and relax. If you are rushing and arrive stressed, it will take longer for you to get into a state of relaxation.  We do lock our door when we are in session if no one is at the desk.  If you arrive early and the door is locked, please wait in your vehicle.
PARKING is available directly in front of our office.  Please park in one of the three spots in front of the flower bed.

In the days before your massage, drink plenty of water.  Do not eat a heavy meal immediately before your session.

Reschedule your first visit if you have a fever or had one within 24 hours of your appointment time, have any skin irritations (poison ivy, sunburn, herpes breakout, etc.), or if you are trying to stabilize your medication (because massage can affect the dosage needed).

Health History:   (Click Here for Form)
Generally first appointments begin with the intake process, starting with a health history questionnaire.

Many question why it is important for a massage therapist to know so much about the health background of a client.  It is important because massage affects the body by lowering the blood pressure, increasing circulation and manipulating muscle tissue, tendons and connective tissue.  If there is a recent injury or medications to control certain diseases it is beneficial to you and the massage therapist for you to disclose this information.  All information gathered is held in strict confidence.

Information you will need for the questionnaire:
Medical Conditions
Chronic Issues
Your level of pain or discomfort on good and bad days
What helps reduce pain and what makes it worse
Contact Information
List of Medications

Once the form is completed, it will be reviewed and the process of your massage will be explained to you in detail.  You will then be left to undress in private to your comfort level.  Most undress to their underpants.

When you have a fever or less than 24 hours after a fever
1-3 days after receiving a flu shot
Within 1 week of donating blood
You have cold or flu symptoms
When you have blood clots
If you have had an injury or accident within 1-3 days of your appointment.
If you have a contagious skin condition (Herpes breakout, Athletes Foot breakout, Poison Ivy, etc.)
If you have a bleeding disorder
If you have a systemic infection
If you have heart failure
If you have kidney failure
If you are less than 13 weeks pregnant

*If you are a cancer patient or a transplant patient, please check with your physician prior to receiving a massage to be sure the massage will not interfere with timed medications or cause tissue damage due to chemotherapy treatments.
What Do I Wear?
The therapist will leave the room for you to undress and get settled on the table privately.  You undress to your comfort level.  All clients leave on their underwear, ladies will remove their bra if they are comfortable.  You remain covered during your session and no breast or genital areas are exposed.

During the Massage:
You will be on the massage table and the draping of sheets and a blanket are used for your modesty, warmth and comfort.  Only the area being massaged will be exposed.  Gluteal area (buttocks) is done over the draping.  Please let your therapist know if the pressure is too much, if you are too cold or hot, if you would like an area to be avoided, if you are sensitive or ticklish in a certain area or are experiencing discomfort with the technique.

​After Your Session:
Once your session time has ended, you will be left to relax on the table for a few minutes and then dress in private.  Once you have dressed open the door and the therapist will enter and discuss with you any areas of concern and answer any questions you may have regarding your session and scheduling  your next appointment.

You will be given water to get you started - it is recommended that you drink at least 2 bottles of water following your massage.  This helps flush any toxins that may have been lying dormant in your muscles.  Toxins are waste products such as lactic acid.
Not sure what session to book? 
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