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These Peace Lilies! 

PROOF that if you have good roots, believe, have amazing support and friends that care, you can survive ANYTHING!!!

The peace lily plant was given to me as a grand opening gift in 2009 by the Late Dr. Kem Moser and his wife Gale. The note read, "May this plant grow and thrive as your business grows and thrives." NO PRESSURE THERE, MOSERS!!! I kill every plant!

BUT, every time the plant would wilt or look sick, I would take care of it and then figure out what I needed to do to help my business. This plant grew and grew as my business did also. It grew so much that I was able to split it several times and share the plant and story with many people.

The night of the fire, I saw the two pots holding the saddest peace lilies I have ever seen. Black, mushy leaves and covered in soot. I told the fireman I need those pots. His response, "they are dead." I said, "I know they look dead, but I have faith the roots are good. If the roots are good, they will grow."

After a few days, Claire took them into her care. They began to grow to our surprise! They did survive! They did have good roots! Yippee! Then, tragedy struck again. Sadly the greenhouse holding my peace lilies and a lot of Claire's precious plants had an issue with the heater. Everything froze. It was the end. I reached out to Aly who was gifted a piece of the peace lily and asked if I could possibly share hers and take a piece back. She was more than happy to do so and brought the whole plant to me. I had all intentions of splitting it and giving her half back when all of a sudden I get a message from Claire. In Claire fashion, "Well, I guess you can't keep a good B*tch down. They re-bloomed."

I am happy to say that the peace lilies are back home here in the office and Aly's will be returned to her in full form!

THANK YOU FOR MY ROOTS, believing in me when I couldn't believe in myself, and all of my caring friends, family, clients and community for supporting me! You're all the best!!

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