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What we already were doing:
  • Cleaning all touchable surfaces of the treatment room with 91% alcohol.

  • We NEVER reused any towels, blankets and of course, sheets.

  • All stones or other add on equipment was immediately washed and sanitized after each client.

  • Requested any client who had symptoms of cold or flu to reschedule.

  • Cleaned entire office including vacuuming at the end of each day.

  • Thoroughly cleaned entire office once weekly.

What we've added:
  • Increased filtration in our HVAC System - fan runs constantly to ventilate office throughout the day.

  • Each treatment room has an air purifier with HEPA filter and UV-C Sanitizer.

  • We have switched to an ECO, child and pet friendly disinfectant product called REJUVENATE which is used throughout the entire office before and after each client.

  • Appointments are staggered so there is no congestion in the reception area.

  • Entire office is thoroughly cleaned twice weekly.

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