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Essential Worker Contest

The nomination window has closed.

During our COVID Shutdown, we decided to do something to honor those who had no choice but to continue working.  The Essential Worker Contest allowed people to nominate those who they felt deserved to take time for themselves and receive a FREE KSQ Massage Experience Session.  TWO winners would be announced.

As the word spread that the drawing was near, TWO wonderful clients stepped up and offered to pay for more!  We will now have SIX (6) winners for this contest!!  

Below you will find the nominee entries - we ask that if you nominated anyone below - share the link for them to complete the contest consent.  We want to be able to get their reaction when they win (via phone call) and post it for all to hear!  

nominees are.jpg

DANIELLE - Nurse - Dedicated nurse working on the front lines to help our frail elderly population. Huge heart! Always willing to help a friend, neighbor, or coworker. Newly moved to Kennett Square area from Delaware county!

VINCE - Instrument Technician - He works very hard and never complains. He takes on a lot of stress, but rarely lets it show. Also never treats himself to stress-relieving and muscle easing therapies such as this, so I know he could really use it!

ANNETTE - Grocery store - Annette is a wonderful person and has been working in different capacities at Giant and she is always a pleasant person.

CHRIS - Transport RN for CHOP - My big brother has been working so hard moving all of the sick COVID [patients]  to ******* for further treatments.

MICHELLE - Nurse - Michelle is my wife, and I have seen just how bad this has taken a toll on her. She works the covid unit at ****** hospital, and still manages to be a wonderful mom and wife. She is the most selfless person I know, and I wish I could do more for her.

DORIS - Nurse - She works tirelessly and is so selfless. She not only has one essential job but two. She works days at *********  Hospital and nights at ******. She cares for everyone she comes across as if they were her own family members. She's a single mother that breaks her back to provide for her children. She has no concept of self care because she is always busy taking care of others. I would love for her to be able to win this so she could take some time for herself because she deserves it.

LESLIE - PT - Continues to go to work with 2 small children and a working husband at home

KENZI - Nurse - She continues to go to the hospital and work over night shifts with the possibility that she will get pulled to another unit while her mom is at home recovering from cancer

JA'NET - Manager ******** - She works to serve people and makes her co workers and customers smile. She also made masks for them. She also has a son that's 11 yrs old and he's type 1 too.

JOHN  - Delivery driver - He delivers coolant and Nalco Chemicals to the hospitals. He works so hard day in and day out. Delivering to these places requires him moving heavy drums sometimes from blocks away since parking is tight in most cities. Most stops have limited commercial parking spots. In addition, he is in the road Monday through Friday staying at hotels that don’t always have comfortable mattresses!

SANDRA - Nurse - During this difficult time I really appreciate all our front line community members. Especially nurses who work long shifts and must leave their family at home to care for others in need.

CARLIE - Nurse Practitioner at *******  - [she] Is exposed daily to covid and treating folks who can’t get into the Dr or ER. Has put herself at risk along with her husband and two sons.

LAUREN - Speech pathologist- Lauren is a 24/7 single mom who is also working the front lines right now. I'm never quite sure how she manages everything, but in these times I have been even more in awe of her bravery. She volunteered in her department to be one of four therapists exposed to this virus every day in order to help these patients eat safely when they are off the ventilator, speak and communicate with medical personnel and their family, and help regain thinking skills that we are just learning happen after this terrible illness. She works so hard all the time and I can't think of anyone more deserving of some pampering.

ERIKA - Grocery Store - I work at ********  50 to 60 hours to help our community.

MELISSA - Bank teller - My wife is still working every day to make sure people can continue their essential banking needs. Money is dirty and full of germs but she goes in every day with a smile. She has been calling many of her high risk and older clients to make sure they have everything they need so they don't have to leave the house. She genuinely cares about their well being and wants to continue to make sure they know she is there for them.

STACIE - ER nurse - She is on the front lines at ******* ER and needs a nice surprise. She puts herself at risk everyday


COURTNEY – Veterinarian
Providing emergency care to large animals at ******


TARA – Nurse - Tara is very caring with her patients and makes a difference.  She continues to work through the pandemic while caring for her family.  She also [is] always thinking of others, like her parents, in-laws, her sister and her sister’s family.  Working where some patients have COVID is stressful and puts her and her family at risk but she continues to work to help her patients and to assist her fellow nurses.  She deserves a relaxing massage as a thanks for all she does.


JULIA – Hospice Nurse - Julia is my boyfriend’s mother.  She works tirelessly caring for patients.  My boyfriend was not able to visit her for months, because of fear of spreading the virus.  He missed celebrating her birthday, his brother’s birthday, and Easter with his family.  I’m nominating Julia to make up for lost time.


KIM – Volunteer EMT - As a fully qualified PA Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), Kim volunteers her time and expertise helping people in the community outreach programs at schools and organized youth organizations like scouting to inform attendees about safe work and play practices and the application of first aid techniques.  This helps to build trust in the community and eliminate the fear associated with having to call for emergency medical help.  Kim remains her EMT qualifications current by attending periodic continuing education programs throughout the year.


ALEXIS – ER Nurse - Alexis is the most compassionate person.  I have known her as a student and now as a nurse.  Alexis lives in the Kennett area where she’s actively helped the community for many years (tutoring at ****** , teaching English to nonnative speakers at the library, volunteering with *******, etc.) Being a nurse at the ER at ******* Hospital, she has been on the frontline for the past months, going by a terrible schedule on a daily basis to care for the victims of Covid-19.  When I asked her for her email address and explained it was so that she would hopefully get a free massage, she burst into tears.


TANIA – Dispensary -  She is devoted and showed up every day at work.


CHRISTOPHER – ER Physician and National Guard - Chris, being Captain in the National Guard has stood ready to leave his family if he should be called for this Pandemic.  In his day job he has been on the front line as an ER Physician, not knowing if he was seeing a COVID patient or not.  He never complains, never tires of helping his patients and just does his duty in both the Emergency Room and Guard.


NILKA – Hospice Nurse - Nilka is a dedicated and caring hospice nurse.  She brings a sense of peace and helps her patients to enjoy the rest of their lives to the bet of their ability.  In this difficult situation, I think it speaks volumes of her character that she can continue to do her work in a way that brings her patients a sense of peace amidst an unprecedented world event.  All while being a great mom and wife at the same time. (Oh, and her house is spotless.  I don’t know how she does it all.)

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