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Aly graduated from Cortiva Institute in 2018 with Outstanding Academic Achievement, and the Mary Jo Myers Award. 

In 2019, she received Holy Fire Reiki (Levels I & II) certification and in  2022, she received Holy Fire Reiki Level III (Reiki Master) certification. 

Aly has also taken courses on the effects of trauma on the body and how to support/heal with massage therapy, receiving Trauma Informed Massage Therapy (TIMT) certification in 2022. She continues to educate herself on the effects of trauma on the body, and how to best support her clients in their healing process by reading, research and continuing education.

Aly has an intuitive touch, providing a unique experience of massage including synchronized breath work, myofascial techniques, Tragerwork, and two-way presence (inviting you to step into the role of the curious explorer and accompanying you in this exploration), in addition to many other techniques she has learned along the way. 

Many of the techniques she uses are designed to create space in the body and energy for the releasing of old programs that can be linked to persistent tension and chronic pain, while opening up space for new possibilities that feel more free and more at ease. Knowing that everything is energy, Aly is delighted to give Reiki to address all the layers of the body (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual), please feel welcome to let her know if you’d like to receive and she can set aside a portion of the session for energy work. 


When we allow ourselves to be as we are, showing up with loving and curious eyes, change and healing takes place. ~ ALY ~


Aly is passionate about holistic health, she is committed to her daily practice of meditation and yoga, to learn to feel and observe without judgment. 

In bodywork, she is passionate about listening to the body and working with lighter, softer techniques that engage the fascial system and down-regulate the nervous system to relieve chronic pain, improve movement patterns, and encourage a reconnection with the felt sense of the body. 

Her pressure in massage ranges from the most subtle to medium. She continues to evolve in her practice with continued education.

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